Tuesday, August 13, 2019

See you Saturday in Baton Rouge!

See you in Baton Rouge this weekend! We have 13 tracks of professional development and training, from entry-level to expert, for SQL Server Administrators, Business Intelligence Developers, Data Analysts, ETL Developers, C#/VB.NET Developers, Mobile Developers, Windows Server Admins,
SharePoint Architects, SharePoint Developers, Network Administrators, Quality Assurance Analysts, IT Managers, Students, Project Managers, Hiring Managers, Jobseekers of all levels of experience, Students, CIO's and CEO's.

Register here: SQLSatBR.com

Print your SpeedPASS PDF here: pass.org/MYPASS.aspx?viewctl=MySQLSaturday

Monday, July 29, 2019

Think Like a Certification Exam at SQLSaturday Birmingham

Thanks for joining us at SQLSat Birmingham! Had a great session with an awesome amount of participation and shared insights, including some very clever test takers.

Congrats and kudos to the organizing team for SQLSaturday Bham, John Baldwin, Samir Behara, and their team of volunteers from many different user groups. Thrilled to see that like in Baton Rouge, Birmingham is having monthly meetings with SQL, .NET, Agile, and PowerBI User Groups assembled together, a veritable supergroup of user communities that is a big draw. This really helps them (and us) gather a critical mass of attendees that helps attract sponsors, increase networking possibilities, keep regular attendees, and attract new ones. Next step? A fully integrated SQLSaturday event, with tracks populated by speakers and attendees from each technical community!

You can download my slidedeck for the presentation here: https://github.com/williamadba/Public-Presentations/blob/master/SQLSat%20Bham%202019/Think%20Like%20a%20Certification%20Exam.pptx

PS How could I have forgotten that there was a cat in Alien AND in Aliens? Gah. That one snuck past my alpha and beta exam testing phases...

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Thanks for Joining us at SQLSaturday Pensacola!

Thanks for joining us at #SQLSatPensacola!

The 8:30am Careers in Technology panel featured lots of talk about Twitter, so might as well mention that the panelists were (in audience's order, left to right): @SqlrUs @SQLEspresso @mviron @svenaelterman @william_a_dba @sqllocks @SQLServerDBA318 @IrishSQL. It was the first of four back-to-back sessions for the Assafs!

Then Christine gave a presentation on Giving Feedback: How to Effectively Communicate to your Employees. I presented on SQL Admin Best Practices with DMVs in the auditorium before lunch.  Here's the slidedeck and info for my presentation. The slidedeck has also been uploaded to the SQLSat Pensacola schedule page. The lunch WIT session with Rie, Monica, and Christine was also full of wisdom and truths.

It was great to see #SQLFamily again this weekend, hope to see you next time!

Next up is SQLSaturday Birmingham, then Baton Rouge on August 17!