Friday, July 27, 2012

SQL Saturday #150 Baton Rouge 2012

Baton Rouge SQL Saturday is Saturday, August 4!

 We expect ~400 attendees at the brand new LSU Business Education Centre of the College of Business, that shiny glass facility directly next door to Taylor Hall (CEBA). We have a whopping ELEVEN tracks this year, including development tracks, IT Pro, Sharepoint, Windows Phone dev, Career (including a session by Toastmasters!), two Business Intelligence tracks, SQL development and two SQL DBA tracks.

There's something for everyone, guaranteed.

Registration begins at 7AM, festivities begin at 8AM with an introduction and our schedule ends around 4pm. Would you like to get involved? It isn't too late!

If you plan on attending and you haven't registered, please register today

 Be sure to check the volunteer box and help us with the event!

We need quite a few session proctors this year - which means you can help fill an important job role AND see the sessions you were going to attend anyway.

 Free training. Free lunch. Free snacks. Tons of free books and giveaways from our awesome sponsors.

See you there!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

SQL Server DBA Tool Kit

Right next to my batarang and bat-zip-line-hook-shooter-gun on my utility belt is my SQL Server DBA Tool Kit, full of scripts I've picked up along the way.

I take little credit for some of these, as I've picked them up from various sources.  I have modified them, for example, adding the ability to see the cached execution plan to MS PSS's "worst queries" query, or adding a blocking chain and cached execution plan to the typical dm_exec_sessions and dm_exec_requests queries out there to replace sp_who2.

There are some of my handwritten queries in there, for example the query to find the largest objects in the database and their compression state, a proof of sql_modules vs INFORMATION_SCHEMA.routines, and the "sessions and requests" with blocking chain query that I've presented on before and use daily.  Nothing novel or ground-breaking, but real practical utility queries I use personally as a SQL Server consultant.

I presented my toolkit last night to the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group and it turned out to be one of our best meetings in a while - over an hour of solid, experience-based conversation about queries, best practices, example experiences that was a wealth of information.  Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make it a great meeting - it certainly wasn't all me and my fancy tool kit.

You can view my SQL toolbox on Github.

EDIT: 20140813 Updated toolbox link.
EDIT: 20140929 Updated toolbox link.
EDIT: 20170830 Updated toolbox link to include Github.