Tuesday, February 28, 2023

30 Interview Questions for a Database Administrator and Developer

This blog post summarizes the type of technical questions I would ask candidates for a Microsoft SQL Server data platform administrator and database developer role.

Hopefully this helps both candidates and managers prepare for interviews. I have no qualms in providing the brief answers because your interview, like mine, should be: 

  • behavioral: based on scenarios, not multiple choice answers.
  • open ended: ask for an explanation, not a single word answer.
  • conversational: testing how the candidate would explain this to a client or colleague.
  • applicable: only ask questions relevant to your environment and in the job description.

When I was the manager of a SQL Server managed service provider and a principal consultant at a consulting company, I interviewed and hired database administrators to be consultants, remote DBAs, and database developers for our app dev internal projects.

I've divided the 30 questions into four categories.