Thursday, April 08, 2021

"Think Like a Certification Exam" at Certification Saturday 2021

I'll be presenting at Certification Saturday 2021 this weekend! I'll be contributing my talk on How to "Think Like a Certification Exam" at 3pmGMT/8amPT.

Microsoft is offering any one certification exam for USD15 to anyone who has become unemployed or furloughed due to the pandemic this year. Schedule an exam before December 30, 2021. If you're interested in learning more about how to prep cert exams, how they're written, and how the test questions are constructed, I'm presenting on this topic.

Slidedeck available for download here. Video recording available on YouTube here.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

"Ethics in Modern Data" at the Inland Northwest Data Professionals Association

Looking forward to speaking to one of our new home turf's data organizations, the Inland Northwest Data Professionals Association. My spouse Christine and I will be presenting a talk we're both passionate about and bring our career focuses to the topic of data, construct analysis, historical and current bias, and modern machine learning algorithms. We'll talk about ethics of bias in data both historic and ripped from the headlines.

Join us at NOON PT on April 8 here:

Slidedeck available for download here.

Become a Contributor to Microsoft Docs

Starting this month, I'm leading a talk series with my teammates from the SQL Docs team at Microsoft. In this presentation we lay out just how easy it is, an how exactly, to contribute to Microsoft's Docs as Code in Github. We're looking forward to increasing visibility and ease of access to community contributions to the open source Docs that millions of professionals use every day.

If you'd like the SQL Docs team to deliver this talk to your local user group or community conference, reach out to us on Twitter or message me on LinkedIn or comment on this blog post, we'd be happy to get on your schedule. I've list upcoming engagements for this talk my Speaking Engagements page on this blog. 

Abstract: Join the SQL-Docs content team for a discussion on modern Microsoft documentation (regardless of technology). Learn about the content publishing engines behind Docs, and the best ways to add your content and fixes to Docs that are read by the entire customer community. There are hundreds of thousands of GitHub issues and PR’s submitted to Docs every month, how can you be an effective part of that process and get your face on the top of an article?

Presenter: MSFT SQL-Docs team (panelist headcount TBD)

Bio: Members of the Microsoft SQL-Docs team will present this thorough walkthrough on how you can contribute and be recognized as a SQL Docs contributor.