Saturday, October 09, 2010

DMV Overview Presentation from Houston TechFest 2010 on October 9

Here's the .Zip file link to slide deck and scripts (including the scripts I didn't get to) for my talk on DMV's from Houston TechFest 2010.

What a great event!  Good job to the event coordinators. 

Could have used more signage to the building, and more signage within the building. 

This is probably my best experience giving this talk, and I've given it at three SQL Saturdays and a SQL Server user group meeting too. Excellent questions, excellent discussion, and I don't mind at all that we went long.  It was my second straight event speaking in the last session slot, starting at 5pm.  First off, starting at 5pm sucks.  At a previous SQL Saturday, I had to turn off the lights because of a weak projector and I lost half my audience to the dark and late time. 

But despite all that lined up against me, I had more than a dozen folks in attendance and they were very engaged in the conversation.  Thanks and congrats to all of you in attendance for making it a great session.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming.
We have a list to work on for next year, the upside of which is that Techfest will keep getting better.