Thursday, October 11, 2012

Performance Tuning Presentation from October 2012 BRSSUG Meeting

Thanks to the 15+ folks who attended the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group meeting last night!  I hope everyone enjoyed "everyone gets a book" night!

I presented on SQL Server Performance tuning, which began with Michelle Ufford's article from GoDaddy on how she saw massive performance gains just by correcting columns to more appropriate data types.  Here's a link to that article:

Then we went through database compression, indexing and execution plans, index INCLUDE structure, the missing indexes feature, how foreign keys can affect performance, isolation modes and MAXDOP.

I've uploaded all my sample scripts in a .zip file to the website here for you to download.

Thanks for attending, see you November 14!

UPDATE 20141104: Link to a cached copy of Ufford's article.

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