Monday, July 11, 2016

[UPDATED] Training To-Do List for New DBA

Are you an entry-level DBA, or looking to make the career switch? Feel like you are looking up from the bottom of a very tall ladder? Don't have much of a budget for training?

Here's a list of resources I'd recommend [updated in July 2023], in no particular order. Each of these are action-oriented tasks that I would (and have) assigned to a new-to-the-job junior DBA on my team.

Got additions and suggestions? Please add them to the comments in this blog post.

UPDATE: 9/30/2019 - new bit to replace MVA, add PASStv
UPDATE: 7/30/2023 - refreshed sources and links


Brian said...

Thanks Dude. I was a pass member, but was not taking advantage of all they have to offer. Appreciate the post.

Konstantin said...

Thanks for useful links, add codecadeny to my list of links:

Unknown said...

A new training resource that has appeared on the horizon and which is growing at a ridiculously rapid rate, is the MOOC. You can get sign up for some good courses at:
- Edx -
- Coursera -
- Udacity -

There's also a lot of free or cheap courses on Udemy -

Unknown said...

Also SQLBits is a great site on which you can view a whole heap of videos relating to all aspects of SQL Server for free:

Click on either speaker or event in left-hand column

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the my second Baton Rouge SQL SATURDAY!

Anon said...

Just want to share old link not available, replaced with new Azure SQL Database content. It can still be found here: