Saturday, May 05, 2018

Thanks for joining us at the Spring Houston Tech Fest 2018

Congrats to Michael, Eric, John, all the organizers and volunteers, and all the speakers for a successful Spring Houston Tech Fest 2018. It was a pleasure for the wife and I to get back into speaking at this conference, and oh did we, with a combined six hours of quality Assaf material. It was also great to see a presence from local schools and IT companies, including a whole bunch of folks from Improving. As a local tech conference organizer myself, a big personal thank you to Improving for bringing a host of speakers.

Thanks to, video of my first presentation, "What's New in SQL Server 2017", is available online.

This was the first time I presented my "Think Like A Certification Exam" session, based on my experience as a writer and SME for the SQL Server exams since 2012. Thanks for everyone who attended and asked so many great questions. And best of luck to all of you who are still students as you launch your careers! Maybe just wait a few years before shooting for the MCSE. :)

I also presented my "What's New In SQL Server 2017" session, gave away a copy of SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out, and was joined again by my colleague Steve Schaneville for "Twilight TimeZone: Handling Time in Your App Architecture", our delve into the murky depths of handling time zones in your applications.

All the slides from all three presentations are available for download here.

During my "Think Like a Certification Exam" we asked the hard questions. 

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