Thursday, April 04, 2019

Activate Conference 2019: Databases 101 for the Aspiring App Dev Session Info and Resources

A special hello if you're visiting this blog post during or after my workshop on Thursday afternoon, April 4 at the Louisiana Tech Park as park of the Activate Conference 2019!

Here are all the links, downloads, and more you need:

Databases 101 for the Aspiring App Dev
Workshop Student Track
1:00 PM

Presentation Downloads:

Slide deck: Download link  (.pptx files) 

Sample TSQL 101 script: Download link (.sql file)

Links to get setup with MS SQL Server:

This is the link to download SQL for FREE:
The tools to dev in the Microsoft ecosystem are all free:
Download the WideWorldImporters sample database:
ToolboxGithub (.sql files)
  • Look for for an easy download, or 
  • Click on each file then download, or 
  • Click on each file, click “raw” on each file to copy/paste

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