Thursday, September 12, 2019

SQL Security Principals and Permissions 101 at September '19 BRSSUG

Great attendance and great meeting last night for the September '19 BRSSUG meeting, great to see lots of new faces at the meeting following our successful SQLSaturday event in August.

My "SQL Security Principals and Permissions 101" presentation is a ground-floor introduction to SQL Server permissions starting with the basics and moving into the security implications behinds stored procedures, views, database ownership, application connections, consolidated databases, application roles and much more. This session is perfect for junior DBAs, developers and system admins of on-prem and Azure-based SQL platforms.

You can download the slidedeck here:

and reference the toolbox here:

One note to add for other presenters: this presentation is broad enough to be long-lived. I originally developed this presentation in 2011, but many of the topics are just as relevant today as they were 8 years ago, even though I've added a large amount of Azure content, a section on SQL Injection, and have added/removed a slide or detail here and there for time. Continuously developing a 101-level,  topical presentation like this has been a great driver for my own ongoing education and technical reading. Between this and some other broad topic presentations like my Admin Best Practices with  DMV's presentation, I'm regularly making myself notes on new (or new-to-me) facts and tips to add over the years. I recommend this approach to new technical speakers!