Monday, October 07, 2019

SQL Server Admin Best Practices with DMV's at GroupBy

Excited to be presenting at virtual GroupBy Conference for the first time on Thursday, during the North America time slots. I just finished tuning up this old presentation that I've presented dozens of times. It's been a great learning tool for me throughout my career and informative for DBA's and Developers at any level of experience. This time I packed in some new SQL Server 2019 content as well, so I'm looking forward to demoing both my old classic hand-tooled jokes as well as fresh new content.

In all this time though, this is the first I'll be presenting this slidedeck to a virtual audience, so be sure to use the chat window to give me a lol or a groan every now and then. I've already made the slide
deck available here and I'll be ready to roll on Thursday at 1pm Central.

Later Thursday afternoon, I'll be presenting a second webinar, Think Like a Certification Exam, in the PASS Career Development Marathon. Hope to see you online there as well!

You can register for this free all-online conference here. Here's the GroupBy conference lineup:

Europe - October 9th
9:00 UTC | Alexander Arvidsson
Boring Is Stable, Stable Is Good. SQL Server Best Practices

10:00 UTC | Magnus Ahlkvist 
Eight hours of work in 20 minutes, partitioning rocks

12:00 UTC | Emanuele Meazzo
How to use PowerBI as a free monitoring tool (5 free reports for SQL Server)

13:00 UTC | Alex Yates 
Solving the dev database problem with GitHub, Docker and PsDatabaseClone

14:00 UTC | Rich Benner 
Adventure – Performance Edition
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North America - October 10th
9:00 PDT | Aaron Nelson 
Azure Data Studio ❤ SQL People

10:00 PDT | Bob Pusateri
Locks, Blocks, and Snapshots: Maximizing Database Concurrency

11:00 PDT | William Assaf 
SQL Admin Best Practices with DMVs

13:00 PDT | Collin Lysford 
Demystifying Dynamic SQL

14:00 PDT | Erik Darling 
The SQL Server Performance Tasting Menu

15:00 PDT | Mohammad Darab
Big Data Clusters for the Absolute Beginner
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