Saturday, February 08, 2020

Ethics in Modern Data presentation at SQLSaturday Austin BI Edition 2020

Excited to launch another new presentation, the first co-presented with my wife, on Ethics in Modern Data. We'll explore the ethical considerations around historical bias, ethics in analysis and data collection, and disparate impact, with tons of well-documented case studies and examples.

This is an important topic that lives at the crossroads of both of our careers, my wife's career in organizational psychology and human resources, my career in data, and our joint passion for history and civil rights. The effort of researching, paring down, and rehearsing our presentation together as a couple has been an exciting first for us. It's important to understand that when dealing with bias, outcomes matter, intentions don't.

Thanks to the many of you who chimed in during the presentation, including with further reading and book recommendations for us all!

If you'd review any of the topics or case studies we covered, our slides and citations is available for download here.

Thanks to, a recording of our presentation is available here.

My wife also presented at Austin SQLSaturday BI 2020 on "Mastering your Resume & Interview: Tips to Get Hired" Saturday afternoon.

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