Monday, March 02, 2020

SQLSaturday Baton Rouge 2020 Business Intelligence edition this Saturday!

The first of a double whammy of SQLSaturday Baton Rouge events over the next 5 months, SQLSatBatonRougeBI is this Saturday, March 7! The organizers of this event, from the Baton Rouge Analytics and Intelligence Network, have assembled a dynamite speaker schedule of business intelligence voices from around the country.

Christine and I will be speaking at 3pm on Ethics in Data. This is an important topic that lives at the crossroads of both of our careers: my wife's career in organizational psychology, my career in data, and our joint passion for history and civil rights. The effort of researching, paring down, and rehearsing our presentation together as a couple has been an exciting new challenge for us.

It's important to understand that when dealing with bias, outcomes matter, intentions don't. In this presentation we review historical bias, sources of bias, transparency in bias, patterns and anti-patterns, and disparate impact. We have loads of real-world examples and case studies pulled from journals and headlines alike. This has been a fairly interactive presentation in the past and we look forward to bringing this topic to the audience in our hometown.

I'll also be facilitating a Careers in Business Intelligence panel in the same room at 1:45pm, with a selection of speakers from the conference sharing their career progression and wisdom and experience. All students, educators, and job seekers are encouraged to join.

See you there!

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