Monday, October 19, 2020

SQLSaturday #1000! Join Oregon Virtually this Saturday

Honored to be a part of not just SQLSaturday #1000, but the long proud history of the free community series of SQLSaturdays celebrating their 1000th+ event. (I spoke at SQLSat Memphis #1003 virtually last week, but the numbers are doled out at the time of event registration, not event occurrence.) 

SQLSaturdays have come a long way. Having attended my first SQLSaturday in Pensacola in June of 2009 (#14), then volunteered and spoke at my first SQLSaturday in Baton Rouge two months later in August (#17), it's been awesome to see the community response, legitimacy, and growth of what is and will always be a free, volunteer-driven, authentic event. 

The future of SQLSaturdays needs to remember the story of success. SQLSaturdays are supported by consultants who travel the world, sponsors who give away cool swag, and venues that host increasingly large and sophisticated events. But the core of the events is about making sure the events are accessible to the community, including job seekers and students, for free. Especially in these dire economic times, I firmly believe that SQLSaturdays have a role supporting the development and recovery of the local IT community. I regret that SQLSatBR didn't happen this year, I missed my friends there, even though it was clearly the best decision not to hold a 500+ person event during a pandemic. 

I'm very proud to have been accepted to speak at SQLSat Oregon, once as a speaker and once as a co-speaker with my wife Christine, on our favorite topic. Last year we attended and spoke at SQLSat Oregon for the first time in person and really enjoyed it, this year (like everything) it's virtual, and we'll be joining it in pajama bottoms.

Join me in the first two timeslots, then enjoy the rest of SQLSat Oregon!

Certification Exams Inside Out - 6AM PST - Track 2 - Slide deck

Ethics in Modern Data - 7:30AM PST - Track 6 - Slide deck 

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