Friday, March 24, 2023

SQL Server 2022 Administration Inside Out

SQL Server 2022 Administration Inside Out is now available for pre-order from Microsoft Press. 

This book is far more than a quick update. We've rewritten and refreshed large portions of the book, with applicability for modern security and Azure integration features. We reorganized content especially around Azure SQL DB and Azure SQL MI and all the new performance features and integrations.

Biggest of thanks for countless personal hours of deep edits and rewrites go out to Randolph West. Major contributions from the book team: Joseph D'Antoni, Louis Davidson, Meagan Longoria, Elizabeth Noble, and Melody Zacharias. Thanks also and congrats to technical editors William Carter and Josh Smith for their first big book experience. And thanks for infinite patience and tireless updates from our Pearson editor Loretta Yates.

The book should be on shelves and available in digital formats on May 8.

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