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Saturday, June 23, 2018

SQLSaturday Houston!

Thanks for joining me for a full room and a boatload of quick-delivered SQL 2017 information in the second timeslot today at SQLSaturday Houston 2018! Lots of great questions, especially about adoption of SQL Server 2017.

Quick recap of this answer question: outside of a third-party vendor's support, there is no good reason to upgrade to SQL 2014 or SQL 2016 instead of SQL Server 2017. As of this week, 2017 has been patched eight times. In fact, because of the new options available to deal with rare issues with the Cardinality Estimator changes in SQL Server 2014, it's easier to upgrade to SQL Server 2017.  Unfortunately, software vendors don't always respond to new SQL Servers to "certify" and "support" their software on new versions of SQL Server, or, they use support for new versions of SQL Server hostage along with new versions of their own software. This isn't cool, and to be clear, there isn't any technical reason to go with SQL 2014 or SQL 2016 as opposed to SQL 2017.

It's awesome to see so many great (and new!) sponsors at these events, helping keep alive the spirit of free community tech training. Be sure to thank sponsors and volunteers for making a day like this happen, trust me, it's appreciated!

Download of my slidedeck is available here and has been uploaded to the SQLSaturday Houston 2018 schedule site.

Thanks to light-up lanyards, the attendees could track me in the dark

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SQLSat Houston This Weekend!

The wife and I are making the road trip this weekend to SQLSat Houston and we're both speaking!

This SQLSaturday Houston is going to be great - looking forward to seeing the #SQLFamily, many for the first time since Hurricane Harvey. I've been helping clients get back on their feet ever since and I hope to hear lots more stories of successful recovery.

I'll be giving my presentation on What's New In SQL Server 2017 and handing out a couple complimentary copies of the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out book that inspired the presentation.

Complete schedule: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/766/Sessions/Schedule.aspx

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thanks for joining us at SQLSat Dallas!

Engaged crowds and great questions at both my morning sessions on Saturday morning at SQLSat Dallas, an event put together by a team of expert SQLSat organizers, including SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out co-author Mindy Curnutt.

Thanks to everyone who attended (and especially those who attended both!) my back-to-back sessions, What's New In SQL Server 2017 and Think Like a Certification Exam. Thanks again to UserGroup.TV, you can watch a recording of my first presentation: http://usergroup.tv/videos/whats-new-in-sql-server-2017-2.

I've uploaded my presentation slide decks for download to my Github and also to the SQLSaturday.com schedule website.

Again, asking only the tough questions.
Regrettably we won't be able to make SQLSat Pensacola in June, but we will see the #SQLFamily at SQLSaturday Houston on June 23 and then of course at our hometown SQLSat Baton Rouge on August 11. Baton Rouge's Call for Speakers is open for another 10 days or so, submit a session today!