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Easy Installing .NET 3.5 for SQL Admins

Rule "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is required" failed.

This is a common problem and relatively easy fix for SQL admins installing a new SQL Server instance going back a few years, so it's about time to put all my notes about the solution into a single place. You'll get this error early on in the install:

"This computer does not have the Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 1 installed..." Similar error messages pop up going all the way back to SQL 2008 R2.

Before you go any further, click OK here but it is not necessary to abort SQL Server setup. Leave the "Feature Roles" page open, you'll be hitting "re-run" later.

This support article goes through the various solutions, some more painful than others.

Here's the fastest:

1. Extract the "...sources\sxs" subfolder from your Windows Server installation media .iso.
2. Run the below PowerShell, pointing at your extracted \sxs subfolder in the /Source syntax.
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /Source:D:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess
3. Done.

For example:

Caveat- keep in mind that after installing .NET 3.5, you may now be eligible for additional Windows Updates/hotfixes that weren't there before.

When complete, back on the SQL Server Setup window, hit "re-run" in the "Feature Rules" window and move on with your pleasant SQL Server installation experience.

Then thank whoever should be thanked that you're not installing Oracle today.


Irrationally uncomfortable or afraid of PowerShell? Yes, you can use the "Add Roles and Features" feature of Windows to add this, via the ".NET Framework 3.5 Features" Feature. You'll still need to do step one above to extract the "...sources\sxs" subfolder, only instead provide it in the Alternative sources dialogue box like the below example.


Announcing the Baton Rouge Power BI User Group

Baton Rouge is home to one of the inaugural Power BI User Groups, starting up soon! I'll be serving as its initial organizer, but I've already received a lot of feedback from the community and hope to form a new leadership team for the group soon.

Power BI is quickly becoming the hub for all things SQL Business Intelligence related, and will soon have both cloud-based and on-premise options. This exciting technology will continue to expand as SQL 2016 is announced. 

Stay tuned for more information on the official website and first meeting of the Power BI user group, which will be in either December or January. We already know that Baton Rouge native and current Microsoft employee Patrick Leblanc, founder of the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group, will be our virtual speaker in January.

Get involved with Power BI today at the Power BI Community site, and our page here: http://community.powerbi.com/t5/Baton-Rouge-Power-BI-User-Group/gp-p/BRPUG


Congratulations New 2015-2016 BRSSUG Officers!

We elected new officers tonight for the Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group Official PASS Chapter, the second year in a row we've made an effort to do so.

We departed from a singleheaded user group mostly on the shoulders of a single volunteer. Prior to 2014, making things happen for the BRSSUG was mostly on William (me), with sporadic help from volunteers. Prior to 2011, it was mostly on Patrick Leblanc (now with Microsoft), who started the group in <2008, with sporadic help from volunteers like myself,

So the rest of this blog post is intended for the audience of user group leadership, no matter what structure (or lack thereof) your user group leadership takes.

We started electing officers in 2014 (after our annual SQL Saturday) in order to serve four goals:

  1. Capitalize better on enthusiasm in the user group
  2. Foster more ownership-type thinking about the user group, with the hopes of increasing volunteerism
  3. Allow others the career/resume/networking benefits that leadership of a user group can provide
  4. Share the load, Mr Frodo
To be honest, we had mixed results in the first year. We're still rounding out who some tasks should be owned by, and peeling more and more tasks away from myself, and finding the right sense of volunteerism between meetings.

If you're considering having "elections" for user group officers, it's worth a try. Don't be surprised if the spirit of hesitance and collegiality leads all officers to be elected unopposed, with humble candidates try to out-humble eachother to cede victory to the other, or for some folks to run in absentee, or both. And that's totally okay. 

This isn't supposed to be competitive officership. And if someone doesn't "win" an office and still wants to help? Great! As a leader, never shut down this sort of enthusiasm. Find some way to involve and foster that sense of ownership. Then, trust them to get the job done. Trust, but verify.

Remember, enthusiasm is the primary job qualification for volunteer user group leadership.

I'm very excited about our new officers in 2015-2016:
Adrian Aucoin (@CajunSQL) - President
Matthew Tessier (@MatthewTessier2) - VP of Media
Me (@william_A_dba) - VP of Logistics
Kenny Neal (@KennyNeal) - VP of Education and Court Jester

If you're curious (and these aren't original to us), here's the officers we elected tonight. Our buddies in the Baton Rouge .NET User Group elected their four as well.

  •  SQLPass Chapter Leader and SQLPass Representative
  •  Scheduling, Event Planning and Facility
  •  Website announcements (cooperatively with VP of Media)
  •  Officer communication and commitment followup
  •  Social Media communication
VP of Media
  • Website updates, images, photography and announcements
  • Mailing Lists spamming
  • Lead Social Media (especially Twitter, Facebook, new outlets, brand management)
VP of Logistics
  • Host facility communication/logistics/cleanup organization
  • Organizing/verifying Monthly Food order
  • Swag/prize receiver and collector
  • Purchaser/Accounts Payable 
VP of Education
  • Books requests from various book publishers or training providers
  • Applications for freebees, sponsorships, giveaways
  • Work with regional UG's to arrange speaking tours
  • Organize study groups, certification prep groups, other learning opportunities
Shared Officer Responsibilities
  • Speaker recruitment and centralized scheduling
  • UG sponsor recruitment and centralized scheduling
  • Act as master of ceremonies for UG meetings, raffle giveaways