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South Alabama Day of .NET Presentations Downloads

I have been running into longtime SQL Saturday friend Ryan Duclos at SQL Saturday events in Baton Rouge and Pensacola since the beginning SQL Saturday days, so when he headed up a Day of .NET in Mobile, AL at the University of South Alabama, I was happy to join the agenda.

Big thanks and major kudos to Ryan (and wife) for organizing #SADoDN (or "Sad Odin" LOL). A job well done!  Also thanks to all attended and made it a great event!

I presented two sessions:

SQL Admin Best Practices with DMV's [Beginner] Download slidedeck and sample scripts here

SQL Server Permissions and Security Principals [Beginner] Download slidedeck and sample scripts here


South Alabama Day of .NET 2014

About 200 miles east of Baton Rouge there lies a beachside town called Mobile, AL that will settle down long enough from spring break to host the first South Alabama Day of .NET at the University of South Alabama. The wife and I are looking forward to presenting at the event on Saturday, March 29, where we will both be giving back-to-back presentations in the morning.

In the Business Intelligence/Database track, look for:

  SQL Admin Best Practices with DMV's [Beginner] In this practical and script-focused session, we'll discuss many best practices regarding SQL Server administration, maintenance, optimizations and monitoring using Dynamic Management Views. DMV's are essential tools for the SQL administrator, but have a wide range of applications by developers, network engineers and DBAs. We will delve into best practices for server maintenance, index fragmentation, wait type analysis and future features. This session will be informative and eye-opening to anyone from a junior DBA on up.

  SQL Server Permissions and Security Principals [Beginner] A review of SQL Server permissions starting with the basics and moving into the security implications behinds stored procedures, views, database ownership, application connections, consolidated databases, application roles and more.

See you there!


Data Architecture Virtual Group - Whiteboard Data Architecture Presentation

Thanks to all 130+ folks who joined, suffered my jokes and handwriting, and asked fantastic questions during my presentation to the SQL PASS Data Architecture Virtual Group meeting.

We covered three large project templates, including an end-to-end application and Data Warehouse, a SharePoint-list driven Data Warehouse, and an "Access Jailbreak" complete with a rude drawing.

Because many people asked: I presented "whiteboard" style using Wacom UCTH470 Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch Tablet and a regular stylus (not powered, no "eraser"). Aside from some hiccups with OneNote 2013 recognizing my handwriting as text and switching to text mode (I think that's the reason), the illustration-style presentation went well.  I am no artist or penmanship champion, but I hope this was in the very least a thought-provoking exercise!

To download my whiteboards from OneNote from today's presentation in PDF format click here.

To view the recording of the video on Youtube: http://youtu.be/9VRQtkwtD6U