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Monday, April 12, 2010

LINQ doesn't like TINYINT PK IDENTITY fields

So, to save space (and it is a bit archaic, but why not) I sometimes use tinyint and smallint for the PK IDENTITY columns in small lookup tables.

For example, a list of counties or congressional districts for a state government project.  Will never be more than 255 or negative.  Tinyint.  1 byte instead of 4.

Yeah yeah, I'm aware that in the long run, that adds up to very little saved disk space.  Very little.  Still, I can't help but be tight with data type constraints.  Its not like I will be allowing every column to be declared varchar(8000), much less varchar(max), even when "disk space is cheap".  Its not like I'll be using bigint instead of int when I know I'll never get more than 2 billion records. 

Except that when your developers want to use LINQ, you can't use a TINYINT IDENTITY column. Stupid error.

Changed it, begrudgingly, to smallint.  2 bytes instead of 4.  Grrr...

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