Monday, April 05, 2010

TFS Sidekicks

I've do a lot of DB Pro solutions and DBA code reviews at my office and on client sites. This free sidekick add-on for Visual Studio has been invaluable.

Whenever I want to look at files included in a TFS changeset, or all files checked in to TFS for one work item, or comparison across changesets, I find this Visual Studio plugin extremely handy.

For example, I use it for Code Reviews, to compare changes across all Changesets for a given Work Item. It has a quick function to compare the latest version of a file to the latest version of a file before this work item. Ridiculously efficient, I've forgotten how I'd do this before.

Very quick install, low-impact. I imagine it could be very handy for lots of different Source Control-related sources and diffs in Visual Studio that you just can’t do with Visual Studio alone. Anyone else use it?

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