Sunday, September 13, 2015

Houston TechFest Presentation Downloads

Thanks for joining me at Houston TechFest 2015 at the NRG Center in Houston, TX! Big congrats to Michael and his crew of dedicated volunteers who once again put forward a first-rate free Saturday training event. I hope everyone enjoyed my presentations, our Sparkhound lunch session, our collar toss game at the Sparkhound booth, and all the general networking, professional development and learning all day.

As promised, here's the download links for my two presentations in the SQL Server track, which capped off a long day that featured six presentations by Assafs: two on SQL server, three in the Career Dev track and one more lunch session where I Trebek'ed a game of Sparkhound Jeopardy! in the Sparkhound Top Dog Challenge.

In room 313 I presented: SQL Server Security Principals and Best Practices at 2:10pm and SQL Server Admin Best Practices with DMV's at 4:10pm.

Here's the Onedrive folder for the slidedecks and sample scripts, including the labs we didn't cover in the DMV session:

See you next year!

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