Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Was Once a Very Crappy Carpenter + SQL Bolts to Buzzwords

Tonight I spoke to Dr. Alkadi's CMPS 411 class, which was hijacked by the Hammond .NET User Group onsite at Southeastern University! Thanks once again to Sparkhound who sponsored!

Here's the slide deck for my presentation, which combined two topics I wanted to talk about. The first, I Was Once a Very Crappy Carpenter, is about my personal journey early in my career from unmotivated "carpenter" to motivated "carpenter," which I think is relevant for folks in the IT industry at any experience level. The second, SQL Bolts to Buzzwords, is a ground-floor introduction to SQL Server database technology and core concepts about ACID fundamentals, data types, and disaster recovery that are crucial for developers/students to grasp.

Remember, stay away from floats and guids, stay in school, and eat your vegetables (pizza counts).

Thanks for attending, hope you enjoyed the presentation!

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