Wednesday, December 04, 2019

What's New In SQL 2019? at the Little Rock, AR SQL Server User Group

Thanks to everyone who joined the Little Rock SQL Server User Group for a night all about SQL Server 2019! We got off into tangents and use cases for Big Data Clusters, columnstore, graph databases. We reviewed cool new syntax and patterns when they'll be used. We laughed at developers who use GUIDs as their clustered indexes. We had pizza, we had iced tea in a mayonnaise jar. Overall a great time!

Kudos to Mahanand and Chase from Vestcom for organizing!

Slidedeck here:'s%20New%20in%20SQL%202019.pptx

Any referenced "toolbox" labs here:

Thanks for all the kudos and great feedback on the presentation, will be incorporating it for as long as this presentation is topical!

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